Andy Carver
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But .. it will take a while, due to other immediate commitments. Check back in, say, March 2016 -- or really, more like April. :/
In the meantime, you can still visit the Resume (recently updated) and Contact pages. ;)

This page is your portal to a number of areas in which I do consulting: 
  • I'm greatly interested in solid database design, an area which I taught for several years at university level. (Lots of new material coming soon! Please check back!!)

  • I'm also very much into XML technologies, which I taught for a few years, including XSLT -- and, the amazing Schematron! (Under construction.)

  • Lately I've gotten very interested in the power that the WordPress platform transfers to the not-so-geeky people -- including business people -- to control their website. (Under construction.)
Also, I don't often consult in :-), but did my PhD in and am very interested in, New Testament studies -- and more particularly the question of Paul's view of the Law of Moses. I plan to do a website on that (; but at the moment that site is still under construction.
    In the meantime, anyone with an interest in this area and a more scholarly bent may read my PhD thesis -- N.B., this is a very large (15.6 MB), bitmap PDF file, which may take a few minutes to download even with a hi-speed connection. A little advice: if chapters 2 and 3 seem boring, skip to chapter 4 and come back to them later. (One erratum that didn't make the errata page: on pg. 242, four lines from the bottom, change "equivalent logically" to "equivalent semantically".)
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