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Andrew H. Carver


U.S. Citizen; widowed; two children.



Experienced analyst, engineer, and problem-solver. Experienced teacher of database systems and design, formal logic, XML, UML. Pursuer of IT skills, havinga  good grasp of database design, ORM, SQL, XML (XPath etc.), VB, Java, C, PHP, HTML, and WordPress.


Publications (in chronological order):

Balsters, H., Carver, A., Halpin, T., and Morgan, T. 2006, ‘Modeling Dynamic Rules in ORM’, On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems 2006: OTM 2006 Workshops, eds. R. Meersman, Z. Tari, P. Herrero et al., Montpellier. Springer LNCS 4278, pp. 1201-10.

Halpin, T., Carver, A., and Owen, K. 2007, ‘Reduction Transforms in ORM’, On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems 2007: OTM 2007 Workshops, eds. R. Meersman, Z. Tari, P. Herrero et al., Vilamoura, Springer LNCS 4805, pp. 699-708.

Carver, A., and Halpin, T., 2008, ‘Atomicity and Normalization’, presented at the EMMSAD Workshop, 20th International CAiSE Conference, Montpellier, France, June 2008.

Carver, A., 2008, ‘How To Avoid Redundant Object-References’, On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems 2008: OTM 2008 Workshops, eds. R. Meersman, Z. Tari, and P. Herrero, Springer LNCS 5333, pp. 770–779.

Carver, A., and Halpin, T., 2010, ‘Atomicity and Semantic Normalization’, International Journal of Information System Modeling and Design, 1:2, pp. 23-39..

Carver, A., and Morgan, T., 2011, ‘Characterizing Business Rules for Practical Information Systems’, BPMDS 2011 and EMMSAD 2011, eds. T. Halpin et al., Berlin, Springer LNBIP 81, pp. 443-452.

Carver, A., 2011, ‘Roles in ORM: A Suggested Semantics’, OTM 2011 Workshops, eds. R. Meersman, T. Dillon, and P. Herrero, Springer LNCS 7046, pp. 360–369.

Carver, A., and Morgan, T., 2012, ‘A Framework for Relating Business Constraints to Information Systems’, BPMDS 2012 and EMMSAD 2012, eds. I. Bider et al., Berlin, Springer LNBIP 113, pp. 300-314.

Carver, A., and Halpin, T., 2013, ‘Reference Scheme Reduction on Subtypes in ORM’, OTM 2013 Workshops, eds. Y.T. Demey and H. Panetto, Springer LNCS 8186, pp. 457–466.


Distinctions and Skills:


                        Technical editor, Halpin & Morgan, Information Modeling and Relational Databases, 2d ed. (2008)

                        Member, Program Committees of the EMMSAD Conference and the ORM Workshop, last several years

                        Member, IFIP Working Group 8.1 (Information Systems), since 2012

                        Technical reviewer of book proposals, for Artech House Publishers, since 2012

                        Contributor, OMG standard on the Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Rules (SBVR), 2003-2007

                        IBM Certified in DB2 Business Intelligence Solutions V8.1 (2008)

                        IBM Certified Database Associate, DB2 V8.1 Family (2006)

                        Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform (2002)


Technical skills:

                        Some Languages learned: SQL; XML: XQuery, XML Schema, XSLT, Schematron; C; Java (SDK 1.3.1); Delphi; VB; ORM; HTML; Tcl; PHP.

                        Some Languages still learning: C++ (intermediate); JavaScript (beginner).

                        OS’s/protocols used: Windows XP - 10; Unix; ftp; intermediate understanding of TCP/IP.

                        Some other software used: Visual Studio, IBM DB2 (certf’d.); Visio (advanced); SQL Server; mySQL; phpMyAdmin; WordPress.


Other skills:

                        Read German, biblical Greek/Hebrew/Aramaic, some French (demonstrating language aptitude).

                        Can use, and train others in, formal deductive logic (useful in any rigorous intellectual discipline).

                        Can relate IT concepts and issues to semantics areas, e.g. speech act theory and cognitional theory.


Education (in chronological order):


Oklahoma Baptist University


(Music and humanities)


Austin College


(Music and humanities)


University of Oklahoma


Electrical engineering


Southern Ore. State College


(2 economics courses)


Westminster Theological Seminary


Theological studies


University of Durham (in U.K.)


New Testament studies


Neumont University


Computer Science


Selected Employment-History (in chronological order):

KGMC-TV (which is now KOCB, channel 34), Okla. City: Aug. 1980-May 1985

Last position held: Maintenance supervisor.

Responsibilities: Upkeep and repair of all the station's broadcast and studio equipment (shared responsibility for transmitter,); eliciting information about equipment problems and solving them.

Neumont University, Salt Lake City, Utah: December 2002-June 2008.

Teacher of information modeling (database design); formal deductive logic; relational database systems.

Responsibilities: Introductory- and intermediate-level courses in information modeling, deductive logic.

Extend Health, Salt Lake City, Utah: January–March 2010.

Technical Business Analyst. Worked, with a design team, on their Medicare-eligibility software project.

INTI International University, Nilai, Malaysia: April 2010-June 2014.

Assoc. Prof., of information modeling (data modeling), relational DB systems, XML, business modeling.


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